Pre/Postnatal - Zoom Online Class

Practice Yoga Safely at Home.


Monday & Wednesday 11am (Eastern Time)


It is well know that Prenatal & Postnatal yoga brings great benefits. 


Practice would help you stay present, get stronger, connect with your baby,  feel empowered, improve your breathing, sleep better, recover faster from partum, and many more.


Classes focus on breathing deeply as you move into asanas (poses) to find space in the body.   I can promise you would feel challenged, accomplished and relaxed after every session. 


This space also provides an opportunity to connect to like-minded pregnant/postpartum women.  Discussion on physical, emotional, and mental experiences is welcomed before and after the practice.


Prepare your body and your mind for the arrival of your baby.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Pre/Postnatal - Zoom Online Class

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