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My name is Gabriela and I've been practicing yoga for over 15 years.    

Yoga has taught me many things and has brought me many gifts, but one of the most important I think is: to accept anything that is going on.

I’ve learned that I “only” have control what is “in my power”, whatever happens within me and my actions. I’ve learned that I don’t control external stimulus or situations; and this is the magic for more peace and balance in life!   Accept What It is, and whether I react positively or negatively would trigger the outcome of it.   

Another valuable learning has been to take full responsible for my own actions, emotions, and feelings.  Accept that my Happiness, Success and Life Path are the result of my emotions, thoughts, desires, and actions.  

Yoga has definitely helped me to find and a happier and more grounded me.  And the use of essential oils has been a blessing to integrate into my practice.
The reason I teach is simple: I want to share!  I want to invite others to explore Yoga.  I believe there is a Yoga Style for everyone.  Yoga adapts to all of us, it comes in many formats and styles.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience five classes and discover the amazing gifts the practice has to offer.

Thank you to all those who have encouraged and supported me to follow and grow in the teaching path.  I am blessed and grateful for those crossed my path at the right time and place... You all have contributed to who I am today and who I would become.

Thank you to my teachers, and the teachers of the teachers... The known teachers and the unknown teachers.  The ones that have come and to those who will come.  

We all are connected, we are ONE!

P.S.:  Thank you for stopping by!!! :)  Namaste

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