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Prenatal Clients:

Baby #2, Prenatal Yoga, Woman (42)

July 2015, Miami, FL

"Having practiced yoga for some time I was well aware of the benefits prenatal yoga would have on my pregnancy and on managing my scoliosis during the 9 months. Gabriela was able to tailor my sessions to best fit my condition and growing belly.  Practicing allowed me to 1) remain pain free 2) manage a busy work life balance with a young toddler at home and 3) prep for an amazing 100% natural labor."


Mom to Be, Executive Who Suffered from Vertigo, Prenatal, Woman (43)  

April 2013, Miami , FL

“I took Gabriela's classes when I was pregnant and it made a whole difference on my beautiful birth experience.       I hadn't done yoga before so she was extremely gentle and patient with me, and I loved every minute of her classes. She chose the movements according to my weigh and strength so I could practice them well but still being challenged.  I could feel my muscles getting stronger but at the same time I felt so relaxed at the end of the classes because of the beautiful meditation at the end.  It also helped with my back pains and stress from my daily work. She also helped me to get introduced to hypnobirth which made me have the most beautiful natural birth.  I totally recommend her classes to all the pregnant women."


Breathing Partner, HypnoBirth-ing, Woman (42) 

August 2012 & August 2015, Miami, FL

"Having Gabriela coach me during both my labors was a God send. She kept me focused, relaxed and very present in the moment, which allowed me to birth both my children to a 100% natural childbirth and avoid any medical intervention including epidural. Gaby’s presence also allowed my husband to relax and fully enjoy the experience knowing someone was there just to focus on me and help me through the process.  Best decision we ever made- Twice."




Prenatal Yoga (First Baby) October 2014 &  

Power/Vinyasa Yoga, Executive Woman (42) 

April 2016, Miami Beach, Fl.

"I came to Gabriela when I was pregnant and practiced prenatal yoga with her for over 12 weeks.  I incorporated prenatal yoga with my regular fitness/weight training routine, and it was one of the best things I could have done during pregnancy.  I still remember those savasanas, it was the time of the day when my body was comfortable and weight-less.  I was able to relax and disconnect completely".  


"Currently, I continue with practice with Gabriela, not prenatal anymore, and I truly enjoy her guiding my practice.  She accommodates the class to whatever is best for my body and my practice (prenatal or not).  Her teaching style is always caring for the student, she accommodates every session to what my body needs, she can be sensitive, at the same time that is creative and challenges me.  I liked the fact of finishing every session feeling good, and accomplished."

Private Clients:

Busy Mom (40) of two Kids and Full Time Business Executive, Overseas

Over the Internet Facetime/WebCam/Skype Classes

May, 2016, Madrid, Spain

For working mums with young kids who want to do yoga, Gabriela´s video-chat class is for you. 

With two boys (6 and 4) and a full-time job, I never have time to do yoga. I am always in a rush, find I never arrive at class on time, and end up quitting.

I've been doing private classes with Gabriela over video chat for a couple of months. We connect twice a week, she from Miami and me from Madrid. The flexibility of having your own private teacher in your own home, is priceless! Once or twice my kids have poked their heads around the door to see what mummy's doing, I put them back to bed, and then get on with my class. 

Gabriela is very professional and is very knowledgeable in the practice of yoga. Her patience, positive energy and good mood helps me try that bit harder. It is amazing how you notice the improvement class to class. I feel stronger, more flexible and I can do postures that were impossible just a couple of months ago. And most of all, my back feels great!

Yoga, I'm back! 

Thanks Gabriela!!!

Astrit Day 


Man (35), Business Executive, Stressed, Insomnia & Limited Workout/Fitness

March, 2016, Miami, FL

“It was my first time practicing yoga, and honestly, I was extremely intimidated at the thought.  I am out of shape, and just finished a little round with chemotherapy, so the thought of yoga helping, was not one that I entertained.

Not only was yoga everything I heard about and more, but Gabriela is an incredible instructor.  She is tolerant, kind and very skilled.  Gaby has zero arrogance while having the patience of a saint combined with the skills of a wise teacher.   

She also has a nurturing way to teach and heal simultaneously, I can understand how that may sound, but after a class with her, you will understand. I think this is due to her energy, and her positivity which irradiate and will make this a mind body experience.  She is a God Sent!”



Woman (58), Pre-Heart Condition (Aortic Valve Malfunction), Coronary Disease, 

Pre-Surgical Open Heart experience 

November 2012, Miami , FL

"Thank you for helping me discovered my inner strength, emotional and physical.  After my open heart surgery my leg muscles were up to the challenge to lift my body without putting pressure to my upper body muscle. Not counting the breathing exercises that were part of my daily routing once I woke up from surgery. Without a doubt you were an important part of my speedy recovery.  Gracias mi amiguita, Namaste”.


Marta Molé

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