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Yoga Retreats

Should you consider a yoga retreat?

A Yoga Retreat is a magical and unforgettable experience.  It gives you the opportunity to explore a new location, new culture, and most importantly the opportunity to explore YOURSELF.  Discovery what is going on inside of you and take some action. 
You are the only one who can give yourself the most beautiful gift of self-love, self-growth, self-development, self-acceptance and joy.
Invest in you, take a break of the routine, and come away with me. 
You will have lots of fun, make new friends, set new goals and standards, and hopefully adopt new healthy habits which can help you have a more balanced life.   

2019 Events:

Nurture Yourself 2015 (108).jpg

Past Yoga Retreats:

- Soul Fuel - Wabi Sabi - 2018

- Mayan Summer Retreat - Maya Tulum - 2017

- Feed Your Soul with Love - Wabi Sabi - 2017

- Reconnect with Yourself - Maya Tulum - 2016

- Nurture Yourself with Nature - Wabi Sabi - 2015

- Recharge to Reconnect - Wabi Sabi - 2014

Wabi Sabi 2014

Wabi Sabi 2014

PRINT - Nurture With Nature-Front_edited

PRINT - Nurture With Nature-Front_edited

wabisabi 2017 _print 1

wabisabi 2017 _print 1

mayatulum2017 front_edited

mayatulum2017 front_edited

Past Experiences:

These videos would give you a little taste of an experience that can be yours.

Retreats would bring you new friends, lots of laughter, a deeper connection with yourself and others. 

Try new flavors, learn and discover new things (even about you), and who knows, you might even do things you never imagine you could/would do.

Richard Jurgens

I highly recommend Gabriela's retreats. 

All details were taking cared of, the location was magical and we had a fantastic time.

Karina Marinez

Amazing time, good laughs, good food, and lots of great memories I would save in my heart forever

Jose Bandes

I wasn't expecting so much love and so welcomed. I had an unforgettable experience. Thank you!


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